A lot has been said about Vista and DirectX 10 over the last few months , and Microsoft has claimed that DX 10 is the future of computer graphics , in many ways this is quite true considering that DX 10 has been written anew right from scratch and addresses a lot of the problems that developers face while developing applications which use the DX9 API. The most substantial of these is lessening the object overhead,
what this means is that the API is using the CPU to achieve specific tasks before using the GPU for rendering ,this translates into the application calling the DX API which in turn calls the GPU drivers, thus every 3D application has a CPU overhead.. this is one of the main reasons for wanting a good processor when building a gaming rig.

Another remarkable improvement is the way vertex and pixel processing is handled by the GPU , the topic itself needs a lot of explanation and those interested can look at


DX 10 includes a completely new shader model and two new HDR formats as well and has many features which lack in the DX9 API

The bottom line is that with DX10 computer graphics is going to change , it will be faster ,richer and more immersive and since DX10 will only be available with VISTA , like it or not- those interested in experiencing true next gen will have to go buy the OS .