Multicore – it is the most significant word in the CPU market today , Ever since Intel launched their Core2 Duo range of microprocessors , AMD’s competetive advantage has gone up in smoke , Intel’s processors seem better , cooler and deliver more bang for the buck , That probably explains the aggresive pricing by AMD to try and boost sales , Moreover Intel has already announced that quad core CPU’s will soon be joining the linup , for the uninitiated that means four cores on a single chip , Intel also has a large manufacturing advantage with thier 65nm fabrication process while until recently all AMD cpu’s were made on the 90nm fab process , this rules out a new quad core CPU from AMD anywhere until mid of 2007 becuase at 90nm a quad core chip will be just too big and would need an industrial strength cooling solution, it should be possible around mid 2007 when AMD announces thier new Microarchitecture

Till that day we have the AMD quad FX platform- two dual core AMD FX processors running on the same board , apparently AMD has also promised compatiability when the new quad core processors come out , which translates to 8 cores on a single board , jus thinking about is enough to give the most casual of enthusiasts goosebumps , the only board available at launch was the NVIDIA 680a which is quite surprising considering AMD’s recent aqqusition of ATI . check out this review of the quad FX platform and you ‘ll know what i am talking about

One more thing Quad FX has to offer is absolute eye candy .. just take a look at this rig (Yes those are two processor slots)