From the day i have had a PC , i also have data which i just cannot dispose off , a very large collection of MP3’s and a humongous collection of movies and videos , which i have painstakingly organised and then burned on to CD’s and DVD,s . No matter how much disk space you have you always manage to fill it up , installation of a new game always results in some reorganisation , moving files around and deleting a few files to free up some space.

40 or 60 GB especially SCSI drives are now obsolete , no one buys them and they are available for throw away rates at sites like e-Bay etc , so the cheapest viable option for mass storage could be maybe an array  14 of such disks in a RAID configuration, this is an interesting project by Inventgeek which I happened to  stumble upon , for those of you who want to ramp up your storage for a low cost,  it makes an immensely interesting project , Yes I know RAID is slow and RAID is old , but it does’nt really matter with all those video and audio files which are are rarely used but we just cant part with them plus it has the WOW factor