Ever since AMD announced its AM2 socket processors last year, the industry has gradually shifted away from DDR towards DDR2 , DDR2 memory doubles the bus frequency at the same clock rate as DDR which effectively doubles the data rate , or simply put a DDR2 module is faster than DDR module .Nvidia is using the free space on SPD ROM chip on memory to store different performance profiles ( SPD stands for serial presence detect which is a chip inside the memory module which tells the PC what size and type and make it is and also holds some other information) , I guess these memory modules will replace the current generation of SLI ready memory , most probably it would hold different overclocking profiles which can be easily altered using a front-end application.
Intel recently announced that the next generation of chips on their core micro-architecture will support DDR3 memory , but for that we ll probably have to wait till Q3 2007 .So folks this is the time to start saving up for that upgrade to a monster R600 card from ATI and some super fast DDR3 memory .