X360 black (not official)

I’ve been reading about this a lot , Rumors have been flying around for quite some time now about a possible upgrade to the 360’s hardware , No! Microsoft is not going to upgrade the 360’s core hardware capabilities but according to reports it will include a 120gb HDD, a built in HDMI port, comes in a black color theme and it maybe a few inches thinner than the original. Now the reported price tag is a little less positive, around 480-500 $ which brings it very close to the lower end version of the PS3, also the 120 GB hard drive will be sold separately for around 200$ .If these reports turn out to be true, I expect it to launch around the same time when the big titles for PS3 roll out, like MGS 4, DMC 4 and tekken PS3 . Microsoft clearly has its strategy all planned , They are robbing Sony of their exclusive titles , they have a bunch of exclusives on their side and Microsoft clearly has the advantage online with XBOX 360 live . Now its time for our friends at Sony to get their act together because if PS3 has to live up to to the expectations , then they need to start rolling out those Aces that they “say” they have up their sleeves.