Intel has already announced that the 45nm Penryn family of CPU’s based on the Core Micro Architecture would be out later this year. keeping in line with  their “tick-tock” model of silicon and micro architecture, the company has also revealed some initial details about their brand new micro architecture codenamed ‘Nehalem’ which is expected to be out sometime in 2008 .

According to the Intel Website ” Nehalem is a truly dynamic- and design-scalable microarchitecture. It will deliver both performance on demand and optimal price/performance/energy efficiency for each platform.” The features include dynamically managed cores ,power , memory and interfaces, the new SSE4 and ATA instruction set architecture additions. the new System Architecture also includes a high performance integrated graphics engine for client platforms. The new chips will be manufactured on Intel’s new 32nm silicon process technology which will also make its initial appearance by mid 2008