A few days back I had written about Blu-Ray outselling HD-DVD in the first quarter of 2007 , but looks like the HD-DVD camp is gaining momentum now . The Toshiba Website lists a HD-DVD player(Toshiba HD-A2) for as low as $399 and it has all the Bells and whistles for a true HD home theater experience . Rumors have started rolling in that Toshiba has outsourced a chunk of their manufacturing to China and thus have gained a significant cost advantage , another rumor suggests that a $200-$300 HD-DVD player will soon be hitting the markets with the first consignment arriving at WalMart as soon as mid may 2007 .
On the other hand the only blu-ray option available for anything under $600 is the PS3 , Sony has plans for a $499 blu-ray player for late this year, but anyone who is not a hardcore gamer and knows a wee bit of math will and I reinforce WILL go for HD-DVD , this has very serious implications for the blu-ray camp and especially so for Sony as they need blu-ray to accepted as the next generation media format for the PS3 to succeed in the long run . If the prices of blu-ray players do not come down by Mid 2007 then HD-DVD may start gaining widespread acceptance and if that happens then Sony will be left with another dead format and a bricked game console.