It’s tough work to make up for lost ground , especially so in the blistering fast semiconductor business . Remember the pre-core 2 duo days when AMD was the king , since then they have lost the lead on desktop processors in the most dramatic fashion . Huge losses in the last two quarters has put the chip major into quite a slump . The recent ATI acquisition is yet to bear fruit, and the recently launched R600 graphics platform has been more or less a disappointment, industry experts are now expecting AMD to go fabless .
The positive side of the story is the upcoming launch of their new architecture ‘Barcelona’ about which I had written a while ago, and a series of dual and quad core desktop processors branded ‘Phenom’ . Alongside this there will be the successor to the quad FX enthusiast platform called FASNB which will use a new AMD chipset . FASNB will have a socket for one or two Phenom processors , DDR3 support and will be able to employ the power of a pair of the new R600 based GPU’s in crossfire .
Production AMD Barcelona’s are expected by late August . AMD may not be done yet .