A few days back I had written about Blu-Ray outselling HD-DVD in the first quarter of 2007 , but looks like the HD-DVD camp is gaining momentum now . The Toshiba Website lists a HD-DVD player(Toshiba HD-A2) for as low as $399 and it has all the Bells and whistles for a true HD home theater experience . Rumors have started rolling in that Toshiba has outsourced a chunk of their manufacturing to China and thus have gained a significant cost advantage , another rumor suggests that a $200-$300 HD-DVD player will soon be hitting the markets with the first consignment arriving at WalMart as soon as mid may 2007 .
On the other hand the only blu-ray option available for anything under $600 is the PS3 , Sony has plans for a $499 blu-ray player for late this year, but anyone who is not a hardcore gamer and knows a wee bit of math will and I reinforce WILL go for HD-DVD , this has very serious implications for the blu-ray camp and especially so for Sony as they need blu-ray to accepted as the next generation media format for the PS3 to succeed in the long run . If the prices of blu-ray players do not come down by Mid 2007 then HD-DVD may start gaining widespread acceptance and if that happens then Sony will be left with another dead format and a bricked game console.


Big Screen OLED displays may not be very far from the commercial market , Sony Electronics and Toshiba have both showcased their OLED TV’s at Display 2007 .
Both the models from Sony have a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, which can also go beyond that. Also both displays have greater than 100% NTSC color reproduction the 11-inch model has a 1024×600 resolution, while the 27-inch holds a 1920×1080 resolution. Both models come with HDMI and DC input( Source : AV Watch ) .
The most remarkable feature of an OLED display is the thickness of the product, the 27 inch Sony display measures around 9mm and the 11 inch display measures in at an amazing 3mm, and since OLED’s don’t need a back light like LCD displays, they consume less power and are extremely light in weight , just check out the picture that follows

9 mm

Sony representatives say that the 11 inch model is near to production and it will take some more time till the bigger displays come into production . OLED technology holds a lot of promise because it enables displays to be thinner, lighter and cheaper than ever before , look out for more on OLED over the coming months because this technology is here to stay.

Latest sales figures show Blu-ray Disc outselling HD DVD seven to three , Blu-ray’s strong sales since the beginning of 2007 have given it a 7 to 3 sales ratio vs HD DVD ,From Jan 1 2007 sales of Blu-ray are 549,730 units and for HD DVD its 249,451 units (source : Neilsen Videoscan) .
When blu-ray was announced, many people wrote it off saying it was another one in Sony’s list of unsuccessful formats along with Betamax and the soon to be killed UMD , coming back to the present , 90% of the CE industry and most of the major motion picture studios are backing blu-ray as the format of choice , the Blu-ray disc association now has the support of 170 of the largest and most respected consumer electronics companies . Microsoft a staunch supporter of the HD DVD camp seems to be distancing itself from the format, Why do I say this ? Well the recently announced Xbox 360 Elite does not include an inbuilt HD DVD drive , and reasoning that the elite is supposed to compete with the lower end blu-ray enabled PS3 20gb basic package , it makes sense to say that MS is playing safe here , if they see HD DVD taking a fall they’ll switch over to blu-ray.
So Is this the time to go blu-ray , No! i would say .. because every new format takes some time to standardize , there are talks of hardware standardization for Blu-ray players by Oct 2007 to include features like true PIP among others. Another factor would be cost , the prices for blu-ray drives will fall by end of 2007 , many majors have announced that they are already working on low cost blu-ray drives . I live in India and i dont see myself buying a Blu- ray player anytime before 3 years from now, but for the lucky few out there I would suggest sometime around Christmas 2007